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A Congressman

For ALL Of Us

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Meet Jeff Ettinger

Jeff moved to Austin thirty years ago with his wife LeeAnn and never left. They love spending time with their kids and grandkids, and attend St. Edward Catholic Church.

He has worked for years to strengthen his community and for those who’ve been left out of our economy, from his business career to the charitable works of the Hormel Foundation to his current role as the co-Chair of Governor Walz’s Council on Economic Expansion.

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On the Issues

From rising prices to educating our kids, we can count on Jeff to push politics aside and find solutions to our most pressing challenges.

Our Democracy

We need representatives that actually represent their whole district. The term “representative” is supposed to mean that members of Congress actually try to reach all people across the district, not only the ones who voted for them.

Our Kids

I am the proud product of public schools, and all four of our kids graduated from Austin High School. I think education is the key to equality of opportunity, which is why my wife LeeAnn and I have sponsored four-year college scholarships for 30 Austin grads, most of whom are the first generation in their family to attend college.

Build Skills for Today’s Jobs

There is a mismatch between the positions available in the marketplace and the skills of those seeking jobs. There are many good-paying job opportunities that do not require a four-year degree. We created a successful model of this type of program in Austin, including a community volunteering element.

Better Healthcare for Our Communities

We need to focus on solutions that can address some of our greatest needs, from making healthcare more affordable to making sure all of our communities have access to high-quality care. The Affordable Care Act created coverage options for more people, but there are still many who do not have or cannot afford health insurance.

Make Your Life
More Affordable

Everyone in our district and across the country has seen their lives get more expensive in the last two years. From gas to groceries to drugs to housing to healthcare, keeping up with your bills is harder than it used to be, and we need to tackle those issues head-on. 

Support Our Family Farms and Small Businesses

Affordable healthcare and broadband access are major issues for the farming community and the small businesses in our district. Expanding broadband access in Minnesota was another of the priority recommendations of the Council on Economic Expansion which I co-chair.

A Congressman for All of Us
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