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Meet Jeff


Jeff and his wife LeeAnn moved to Austin thirty years ago and together built a family and set deep roots in the community.​ Jeff served as CEO of Minnesota’s own Hormel Foods, where he created thousands of good-paying jobs, expanded profit sharing for the company’s workers, and was named Responsible CEO of the year. Jeff now leads the Hormel Foundation, helping to improve the quality of life in Austin and neighboring communities.  

Now Jeff is running for Congress to bring his business and community experience to Washington. Jeff Ettinger is not a politician. He’s never run for office before, and he’s in this race now to address the problems that politicians seem unable or unwilling to fix. As he’s done his entire career right here in Southern Minnesota, Jeff will work hard to build solutions that work for everyone.


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Fighting For What Matters Most


Everyone in our district and across the country has seen their lives get more expensive in the last year. I spent my career working to bring affordable goods to American consumers at the lowest possible prices. Right now, far too many members of Congress don’t understand the global economy, supply chains, and the things that are driving the rising costs across our district, this country, and the world. I’ll put my economic expertise to use on day one, working tirelessly to find ways to lower costs for people all across Southern Minnesota.

I am opposed to any laws that would turn a woman or her doctor into criminals. The Supreme Court created a chaotic situation for people all across our district and the nation when they overturned Roe vs. Wade. It is now on our leaders in Washington to protect a woman's reproductive rights. As a member of Congress, I will lead the fight to pass legislation codifying Roe v. Wade into national law, so that no state can block a woman's right to choose. 

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I was moved to run for office in part by the events of January 6th. I believe our democracy is sacred, and I will always stand up for it. We must make sure that every eligible voter is able to practice the right to vote. We should also respect the will of the voters and oppose all efforts by politicians to overturn elections. The best way to protect our democracy is by elected officials earning people's trust. It's time we had a representative who actually tries to represent everyone in the district, not only the people that vote for them. 



I am the proud product of public schools, and all four of our kids graduated from Austin High School. I believe deeply in the mission of our public schools. I think education is the key to equality of opportunity, which is why my wife LeeAnn and I have sponsored four-year college scholarships for 30 Austin graduates. We need to do more to recruit teachers to rural areas, update technology in classrooms so that students are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow, and make investments in transportation so that all kids have a ride to school.

Classroom Lecture

There are few people who can say they've created thousands of jobs in Minnesota, but Jeff Ettinger has. He believes in bipartisanship and wants to work across the aisle to find solutions.

-   Governor Tim Walz, Governor of Minnesota